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America’s New Idol…

Tell me what you think… I personally am SO happy Lee Dewyze won. He was my chosen favorite since the very beginning!!


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A Smoking Toddler? Normal?

What do you think about this? Leave your comments and let me know.

I personally am shocked, SHOCKED, to see this footage. This is a two-year old boy smoking what his father claims to be around 40 cigarettes A DAY!! The government has actually told the parents of the young boy that if they got him to put the cigarettes down for good, they would reward the family with a car; they declined. The father claims that he realizes his son is overweight due to the excessive smoking. He gets “angry” when he doesn’t have his smokes, claims his mother.

What is wrong with children today; or should I say what is wrong with parents these days?? Could it possibly that hard to tell a two-year old that he can no longer have his nicotine fill? Who is providing nearly two packs of cigarettes to this child a day? And how are his parents not devastated that since their son was only 18 months old, he has been blackening his lungs with the worlds most dangerous addiction?? I just don’t understand this negligent behavior!!!  (hmph)


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Preferred Social Network

Let me know where you spend most of your cyber time 🙂

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My Client: The Gentle Barn

I chose to make The Gentle Barn my client for this semester. I am passionate about this non-profit organization because I have a profound love for animals. This organization saves needy animals and gives them a safe home to live in. The animals, once they become well, are released to the public for adoption.

The Gentle Barn needs to get the word out about its purpose. Having a PR representative work for the barn would greatly increase their ability to help more animals. They need volunteers and workers to help their organization. I feel it would be greatly beneficial for the barn to have a representative like myself. Even though this organization is out of California, I would be willing to help anyway I could.

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Chapter 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer

This information is found in PUBLIC RELATION WRITING AND MEDIA TECHNIQUES, 6th edition, by Dennis L. Wilcox

Public relations writers , in particular, spend most of their working day crafting and dissemination information that will persuade and motivate people.

The Basics of Communication:

  1. Sender – the organization from which the message comes
  2. Message – planning the message starts with a determination od exactly what key messages you want your receivers to receive and what you want them to think, believe, or do.
  3. Channel – how your message is sent to the receiver, include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, speeches, audiovisuals, pictures, newsletter, leaflets, brochures and the Web.
  4. Receiver – the people you must reach.
    1. Publics – the potential or actual audiences for any given public relations messages. Often defined by income, age, gender, race, geography, or psychographic characteristics.
    2. Stakeholders – the groups impacted by an organization’s decision. These potentially include employees, consumers, neighbors, suppliers, environmental groups, and investors.

Diffusion and Adoption:


  1. Awareness – the person discovers the idea or product
  2. Interest – the person tries to get more information
  3. Trial – the person tries the idea on others or samples the product
  4. Evaluation – the person decides whether the idea works for his or her own self-interest
  5. Adoption – the person incorporates the idea into his or her opinion or begins to use the product


  1. Relative advantage – is the idea better than the one it replaces?
  2. Compatibility – is the idea consistent with the person’s existing value and needs?
  3. Complexity – is the innovation difficult to understand and use?
  4. Trialability – can the innovation be used on a trial basis?
  5. Observability – are the results of the innovation visible to others?

Hierarchy of Needs:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a very prevalent element to communication.

  • Physiological Needs – involve self-preservation
  • Safety Needs – compromise protection against danger
  • Social Needs – include acceptance by others
  • Ego Needs – include self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-actualization Needs – present the need to grow to one’s full potential

Content and Structure:

The content and structure of your writing means everything. It is important to vary the structure and add elements that are visually and mentally entertaining to the audience. Using such elements like, polls, surveys, statistics, drama, examples, testimonials, interviews, endorsements, and emotional appeal will set your work apart from the others.


  • Truthfulness
  • Authenticity
  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Social responsibility

A public relations writer should test their persuasive communication using these five elements.

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My Blog Comments


Comment #1: Public Relations Matter: 9 (more) Tips to Help You With Online Summer Classes, by Barbara Nixon

 May 25, 2010        

Thank you for the very helpful navigation tips and clarification! I appreciate your organization! Online classes can prove to be impossible without an organized professor! So, thank you!        

Comment #2: Along the Coast: Retrievers, by Abby McConnell

May 30, 2010        

I have only eaten at Retrievers once but I agree, it’s not great. They have really good drink specials and entertainment. The progress they have made over the past couple of years has really boosted their business as well. The expansion and introduction of all of the TV’s and the stage have made it an overall much better sports bar/restaurant.        

Comment #3: Better Communication Results: Facebook’s Privacy Settings: Clearer Than Mud, by Lee Hopkins

May 30, 2010        

It is amazing how many people truly think that noone will ever  go searching for them through the information we all so willingly post on the Internet. From cell phone numbers to schools and home addresses.        

One good thing about Facebook is that they do make it somewhat evident and obvious to its users that their information will be released to third parties. There are many ways to ensure your privacy 100% but it seems as though noone really takes the time to double check these settings. Out of the 400 million users, it is astonishing that only a mere 2% will actaully consider “quitting” this addiction.        

Comment #4: Tabatha’s Blog: PR and Social Networking, by Tabatha Amerson

June 1, 2010        

Paula’s advice is great. I agree, one must think of these social networking sites as a process. I sometimes find myself getting frustrated with Twitter because it is confusing. I haven’t quite figured out how to search for people and find the actual person I am looking for. Somewhat like MySpace, there are some many different user names and profile addresses, that it is almost impossible to find people. Whereas with Facebook, real names are used and real company names are featured. I have had Facebook for all five year it has been around and have over 2,000 friends. I have had MySpace longer and have about 400. Simplicity is everything in social networking sites because the user if left to figure the site out on its own.        

Comment #5: Copyblogger: The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers, by Annabel Candy

June 1, 2010        

I agree, the more you write the better you write. Not only do your actual typing skills improve, allowing you to get more work done in a shorter amount of time, but practice allows you to more effectively express yourself on the computer. It is interesting to read that bloggers are concise, lifelong learners and that they plan ahead. These are characteristics of myself that I never considered in blogging. Being new to the blogging world, I constantly think of things throughout the day that would be fun to blog about. I have really taken to this hobby and enjoy reading what others have to say about bloggers.        

Comment #6: HipHopWired: 8-Year-Old Removed From Class For Using Olive Oil Hair Product, by Danielle Canada

June 7, 2010        

Kicked out of the classroom because of a teacher’s smell preference… are you serious? This type of action can be humiliating to a child of that age. Being sent out of a classroom for the mere smell of your hair is incredibly insulting. First of all, did the little girl walk into the store and pick out her own hair products?  Was this a simple matter of hair care or was there more to this story? I feel the utter ignorance of cultural differences between this child and her peers is going to ultimately hurt this school. She did nothing wrong, nor did she deserve to be humiliated in front of her peers. I personally would be devastated if I was permanently removed from my – honors – class and placed with other children simply because my teacher felt she was allergic to the way I smelled.        

Comment #7: Maggiecrowley’s Blog: Wednesday Noon, by Maggie Crowley

June 14, 2010        

Maggie, Your writing is so entertaining. I love that you update all your fellow bloggers on your week 🙂 What a great way to reflect on the many things that can happen in such a short period of time. This is a great place to reflect. I love that picture of you, your mom and sis. I remember we had public speaking with Groover together and you spoke about the Special Olympics and your sister. I just couldn’t help but think about how amazing you are and how lucky Katie is to have such a wonderful sister. A real inspiration you are.
-Ash Rich

Comment #8: Nancy Grace: Jordan van der Sloot Charged with Murder!, by Rupa Mikkilineni

June 14, 2010        

SHOCKING – this had opened so many doors. I believed all along that Natalee was murdered by van der Sloot, or that he was a part of her murder/disappearance. I have a personal connection to those who were with Natalee in Aruba and have had a strong passion for this case. It makes me sick that he has struck again. He should have been locked up so long ago, but instead another is dead. Stephany should be alive. If he had been locked away from the Natalee case, Stephany would have never had the opportunity to get her hands on his computer and find out of his involvement in the Natalee case. This is all just sick. At least this time his father is not around in his defense. He will get what he deserves. I hope the Flores and Holloway families can all find peace in this terrible happening.        

Comment #9: Newser: John McCain and Snooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ share tweets, by Evann Gastaldo

June 14, 2010        

This is baffling. Snooki is the nickname of a reality show “joke” celebrity. She has gained fame from having large hair, tan skin and a larger Jersey accent. She is known for drinking, dancing, and fist pumping. What on earth is McCain thinking by sending her tweets? Is this McCain’s way to gain more attention? Was it just a friendly “hello” tweet? Either way, I personally feel that McCain needs to stick with hi political circle, while the overly tanned Jersey girl sticks to her circle. Just seems like a desperate move on both parts. McCain should be tweeting about things that would be of interest to the public, like what is going on in politics or updates of the Gulf, not chit-chatting with reality TV stars.        

Comment #10: Smart Marketing – Social Media – Building Brand Loyalty Through Community & Engagement: The Five Unwritten Rules of Guest Posting on Blogs, by Danny Brown

June 14, 2010        

Thank you Danny. I am a new blogger and have yet to figure out the do’s and don’t’s of guest blogging. I am a PR student at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA and have to blog for a writing class. I was off to a slow start on my own blog but seem to have things rolling now. I think guest blogging is a wonderful way to get your name and personal blog more in the public eye. With all of the social media outlets that are used in the PR world, it is vital that you know how to network on such mediums. I will certainly bookmark your blog and refer back regularly. Thanks again.        

Comment #11: PR Junkie – For Communication Addicts Everywhere: L.A. Times misspells ‘credibility’ in front page story about mayor’s credibility, by Michael Sebastian

June 14, 2010        

How ironic! The best part of this typo is the word that is misspelled. Although with “ility” words, it is often easy to misspell them but as the editor, one would think this type of silly mistake would be corrected after the first round of proof reading. This is a mistake that cannot be corrected once published. This makes me think of other publications, such as blogs. It is crucial that the copy is proofread then proofread again. Front pages are the focal point of the newspaper. An error such as a misspelling can not only badly reflect on the paper itself but also the editor. Grammar is critical and must always be perfect.        

Comment #12: Smart Marketing – Social Media – Building Brand Loyalty Through Community & Engagement: 52 Cool Facts about Social Media, by Michael Brown 

July 6, 2010


It is wild to think that over just the last few years, all of our lives have been drastically changed by social media. Whether you are in the PR field or some other professional area, social media and networking have left an everlasting footprint on the way we live our lives. I read once that if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world, WOW!        

Most people once had house phones, then cell phones, now its smart phones and what some consider hand-held computers. I continually hear the question of, “What did we do without cell phones?” Now I hear, “I don’t know what I would do without my Blackberry and E-mail.”        

Nearly 90% percent of people are a part of some social networking site; talk about a growing trend.        

Comment #13: Along the Coast: Social Media News Release, by Abby McConnell

July 12, 2010 

If you are anything like me, graphics make any type of information more interesting. I can’t stand sitting down with just a bunch of words, trying to gain anything from it. I am a very visual learner and think that links, graphics, images, videos, and specified formatting is so crucial. Presentation is everything and first impressions means the most; so if order to gain credibility and appeal for your company or service, I think a Social Media News Release is the best way to go. I might create a SMNR for my client, The Gentle Barn, just to have the experience and know-how. 

Comment #14: KWilliamsPR’s Blog: Blogging for Beginners, by Kevin Williams

July 12, 2010  

I agree with your tips and think that if I had no experience with blogging, these would have helped me. I think it is so crucial to develop a blog that is not only believable, but also entertaining. I cannot stand going to a blog post about something that I am really interested in, just to find it full of errors. Mistakes can be so distracting. I also think it is important to stay on top of what is going on. I, myself, have found several blogs and people on Twitter that I check out every day because I know I can find the ‘latest.’ I hope one day when I begin developing blogs about more newsworthy rather than class worthy subjects, people will see my blog as a place to turn to for the most recent information.   

Comment #15: Akw11’s Blog: PR Connections #4, by Ansley Woodard

July 12, 2010

I was surprised to see that a fellow student was also reading Danny Brown’s blog. I love the information he posts and read it often. It blows my mind to see the statistics for these social networking sites. I read on Twitter that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world (are you kidding me?!?!) How lucky are we, as soon-to-be PR professionals to be introduced to the field at such a prosperous time. Social networking has always been of huge interest to me, same for you I’m sure, and I look forward to seeing where “online” takes us!

Comment #16: Along the Coast: Writing for Radio, by Abby McConnell

July 12, 2010

I thought this chapter was interesting because I have always wondered about ‘commercially’ type advertisements. When doing the Public Service Announcement assignment, I found myself so scatter-brained because I had so many examples in my head about how to construct one. I think PSA’s make a huge impact on the business a company acquires due to the fact that they are heard my SO many people. I know I have heard RMTs on the radio and reached for a pen and paper to record something that was said. The good thing about PSAs is that they are straight to the point, there is no wondering what it is about or what point it is trying to make.

Comment #17: KWilliamsPR’s Blog: Trouble from the Start with Twitter, by Kevin Williams

July 12, 2010


I know the frustration. It’s almost comparative to when you finish uploading an album of pictures to Facebook and they don’t submit. You spend all that time tagging them and writing captions to describe all the pictures when all of a sudden, Facebook stops working. The frustration comes along with Twitter as well. I am not aware of anyways to bypass this problem, but I know I sure do see the birds carrying that whale more often than not. I am not huge into Twitter, well at least as far and linking, post images, and retweeting things, but I do see the importance of being a part of such a rapidly grouping network.

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Chapter 1: Getting Organized for Writing

This information is found in PUBLIC RELATION WRITING AND MEDIA TECHNIQUES, 6th edition, by Dennis L. Wilcox

Public Relations is composed of four core component: 

  1. research
  2. planning
  3. communication
  4. evaluation

In the PR field, writing is crucial.

A PR writer is usually employed by an organization that wants to communicate with a variety of audiences, either through the news media or through other channels of communication. Keep in mind the set objectives for each task. Objectives may vary so work accordingly.

The audience and channel of communication may also change. a public relations writer may write for numerous and radically different audiences — employees, community leaders, customers, tennagers, seniors, women, various ethnic and racial groups, travelers, governmental regulatory agents, investors and many more. Since the audience varies, the channel of communication will vary as well.

Use a channel that will best suit the current targetted audience. For instance, someone that live out on a farm plantation would be less likely to check the internet for current information, whereas a business owner in New York City would.  

When shopping around for a computer, be aware of your options. There are several aspects you need to be looking for, such as the price, the memory, the software capabiliy, and size.

There are PR pubications in circulation that would be beneficial to read up on: PR Reporter, PR Weekly, PRTactics, PR News, Jack O’Dwyer’s Newsletter, Ragan Report, Bullgod Reporter, and Communication Briefings. 

Simplicity is key. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Avoid confusing jargon and words that are repetitive. Write as clear as possible. Proofread and proofread again. Be sure you are mistake free.


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