Ashley in a Nutshell

My life couldn’t really get any better. I love my family, friends, boyfriend, and pets. I love making people laugh. Laughter is the cure for everything. You never know whose life you brighten with a smile. 

I love my family name. I am proud to say I belong to the Rich family. From newspaper photographers, mayors and business owners to world travelers and boutique designers; we have a little but of everything. 

I am a volleyball nut. I love being on the court, grass, beach, or any other turf when playing. It’s a passion of mine. 

I love where I come from, Savannah, GA

A view that I could never live without


I have lived on the coast my entire life and would never change that. I’m not a city girl. Give me a beach chair, bathing suit and boiled peanuts and let me go. I live in my flip-flops. 

I hate working out but love to eat. Food is my therapy; well so is writing. When I get upset or lonely I write. I never keep what I write down because I don’t want to live in my past emotions, so don’t try searching for my “diary.” 

I love being on the boat and beach. My getaway is the ocean. 

I love being weird. I’m always told that I’m unique! Why would I want to blend in when I could start my own trend? I love hearing about everyone’s drama but I hate when I’m involved. People who talk too much drive me up the wall. I can’t multitask, especially not with my ADD. 

School is my number one priority right now. I am more ambition that ever these days. The reality of the real world will soon be welcoming itself into my life and for that, I am nervous. I am excited to see where this life takes me; just hope it’s where I want to be. 

I love social networking, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, you name it. I think its important to stay in touch, but also to be aware of things that are going on with the people we interact with on a day-to-day basis.  

That’s all folks. 

And you learn that love, true love, Always has joys and sorrow, Seems ever-present, yet is never quite the same, Becoming more than love and less than love, so difficult to define. And you learn that through it all, you really can endure, that you really are strong, that you do have value. 


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