A Smoking Toddler? Normal?

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I personally am shocked, SHOCKED, to see this footage. This is a two-year old boy smoking what his father claims to be around 40 cigarettes A DAY!! The government has actually told the parents of the young boy that if they got him to put the cigarettes down for good, they would reward the family with a car; they declined. The father claims that he realizes his son is overweight due to the excessive smoking. He gets “angry” when he doesn’t have his smokes, claims his mother.

What is wrong with children today; or should I say what is wrong with parents these days?? Could it possibly that hard to tell a two-year old that he can no longer have his nicotine fill? Who is providing nearly two packs of cigarettes to this child a day? And how are his parents not devastated that since their son was only 18 months old, he has been blackening his lungs with the worlds most dangerous addiction?? I just don’t understand this negligent behavior!!!  (hmph)



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2 responses to “A Smoking Toddler? Normal?

  1. Who in their right mind would ever let their two-year old smoke? What are these parents thinking? Why at the age of 18 months would they give their child a cigarette to smoke? They are the ones that caused this habit. It is not like this child can go out and buy cigarettes they are providing them for him. Why won’t these parents stop giving their child cigarettes? They say it is because he cries and gets headaches. Hello, be a PARENT! The government said they would offer the family a car if they stopped this habit of his. They declined? Why are these people allowed to even be parents? What has this world come to today?

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