TOW #3: Is a Blog, a Blog without Comments?


Blog comments are an integral part of blogs because they engage the reader with the writer. As Professor Nixon says, “Blogging should not be lonely.”

Comments are a way for readers to not only give feedback but to also feel as if they are part of a discussion. Just like in most other social networking sites, feedback is almost necessary for the success of the site.

 If you are blogging about something that is going on in the country, your city or state, so forth, comments are a great way for you to know how others feel about what you are writing and also a way for you to learn how others feel about the same issues.

Blogging should be “two-way” just like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. We, bloggers, post things that we feel are of common interest of our target audience. For example, I am producing a PR blog and post mostly things that I feel would benefit or entertain those also interested in PR. Blogs can be considered somewhat of a small community depending upon which interests and writing topics you are sharing.

I read the article How to Write a Great Blog Comment by Grammar Girl and found other ideas and reasons for comments that I did not think of myself. She recommends:

  • Make yourself seem like an expert in the field. If you are going to comment on a blog post about politics, know what you are talking about. It is important to make a point and not just ramble.
  • Be grammatically correct. You need to proofread and be sure that all links and punctuations are working and correct.
  • And also, be respectful. Appreciate others opinions and thoughts and comment open-mindedly.

I would recommend doing some research and find other sources before commenting. Know what you are writing is true and relevant. It is hard to find specific posts that are of extreme interest to you personally so when you find them, make you comment good. It is also a good idea to link references in your comments; this gives other people another way to get more information about the post.


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