AP Bootcamp

This set of quizzes really helped me get more familiar with the AP Stylebook. I was able to find key elements to writing which will help me reference my stylebook more often in the furture. I really enjoyed these quizzes.


Confusing Words:

  • This taught me that using certain adverbs make sentences seem repetitive.
  • I was always confused with lay and lie and their tenses, but this quiz really made me realize the difference and the proper way to use them.
  • This quiz also pointed out words that I use on a fairly regular basis that all along I have been using incorrectly.

Dates and Numbers:

  • I was never sure how to use dates, especially when one of the parts such as the year was missing.
  • This helped me with dollars, decades and month abbreviations.


  • I learned when and when to not use commas in series.
  • I also learned when to properly use hyphens. For example part-time student and works part time.


  • I now know how to properly abbreviate and capitalize titles; including military, religious, legislative and composition titles.
  • I also learned when to use quotation marks around compositions and when to specify first and last names.

I was surprised to see how many small things I have always used incorrectly. I use dates and titles often in my writing and saw many uses that I have been using wrong all along. I was also surprised to find out all the rules and styles many punctuations and words follow.



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3 responses to “AP Bootcamp

  1. I agree with you that these quizzes really helped with getting familiar and used to using AP. They were easy, yet helped in many ways with bettering our use of AP. Dates and numbers, punctuation and titles are all things that we as mostly PR majors need to excell in and make sure we are correct when using all of these components. They do seem simple, but like you said, it is very easy to mess up with and surprising how the little things are what gives us the most trouble. I hope that we can remember all of these things and use them in the future to help make us the best in the future.

  2. Thanks for this blog!!! I totally missed those quizzes. . . Working at Disney means all Disney, all the time. There is no such thing as a life- or time to catch up on schoolwork! I stay behind, ugh. This filled me in on what I missed and I will be sure to reference it for my own writing. AP style is ridiculously intricate and I missed those quizzes so I was kind of freaking out. But this calms me some! Thanks for writing! Ashley

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