TOW #5: My New Addiction

I have always been a huge fan of social networking. At one time I was an information technology major with an emphasis in graphic design. I love designing, creating, and socializing via online outlets. I am a one-and-a-half year old ‘tweeter’ and have never really caught the hang of it. I knew how to post tweets and twitpics but when it came down to RT, referencing, direct messaging and so forth, I was lost.

Since having to use Twitter this week and following PR professionals and PR organizations, I have discovered that Twitter is a spectacular networking site. There are endless opportunities of what you can tweet about and what you can get your hands on. I feel that having the ability to share links and access profiles and accounts that could not be found on other networking sites, has truly made Twitter a step above the rest.

I am still in the process of finding a good mobile site for Twitter. I currently use ÜberTwitter which is descent, but I am unable to accept follower requests. Now that I have become a more frequent user, I am receiving more requests from people and am not able to respond as quickly as I would like.

I find Twitter to be more helpful than Facebook in that I have the ability to get in contact with a specific type of people. I can find people strictly involved with public relations, rather than sifting through profiles to find someone who may have a little to do in the PR world.

This Twitter experience has pushed me to learn the Twitter lingo and better understand how to type effective tweets. Also I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to reference or mention something just by using a symbol (#). It is a great way to find a certain topic of interest without much research. If I wanted to see all the tweets and posts about PR I could just simply reference and see.

I have really enjoyed using Twitter in this class and look forward to making a habit of tweeting. It is a wonderful networking site and being a senior in college, I need to get out in the PR world as much as possible.  

I would love to know more about including links and other characteristics in my tweets. Much to my surprise, being tech savvy and all, I was totally stumped on how to make “tinylinks” to include.



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