Are You Tweeting in Sin?

1. Follow Everyone

            You should follow people who you have a sincere interest in, not because you want them to follow you in return. Recruiting followers is not made possible through following 500 people. Some people will actually check to see the “following to followers” ratio before accepting your request. Be sure that you want to see their updates before you flood your page with hundreds of random people.

2. Tweet Too Often

            Tweeting too often can happen. If you see links that you want to retweet or tweets that you want to respond to, that is fine in moderation. Flooding your tweet deck not only makes it hard for you to keep track of your own tweets but also floods other peoples tweet decks. Posting a continuous stream of tweets can result in people “unfollowing” you. Tweet in moderation and people will pay more attention to what you have to say.

3. No Profile Picture

            It is crucial that you upload a picture to accompany your profile. Without a picture some people may see you as a spammer and not accept you or request to follow you. Pictures make you seem more virtually real.

4. Being Selfish

            Twitter after all is a social networking site, so network. Only posting your personal tweets and never interacting with other accounts will make you seem of less interest to other people. Connecting with others will allow you to expand your social network which will ultimately benefit you.

5. Be Patient

            Like other networking sites, it will take some time to develop a large network. You will not receive hundreds of followers simply after a few tweets. Depending on what you have to say in your tweets, followers will naturally come. Be creative and unique.

6. Don’t be a Whiner

            People too often use social networking sites to complain. Avoid this at all costs. No one wants to read about how bad of a day you had or that you burnt dinner. Focus more on what’s going on in the news or the exciting things that are happening to you. Find creative ways to tell everyone what you want to say and stay positive.


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