Chapter 9: Writing for Radio and Television

This information is found in PUBLIC RELATION WRITING AND MEDIA TECHNIQUES, 6th edition, by Dennis L. Wilcox

The Wide Reach of Broadcasting:

  • Radio reaches about 94 percent of adults over the age of 18 on a daily basis, with a total estimated audience of about 225 million.
  • Television news attracts about 150 million viewers on a daily basis, with an average family watching about 7 hours of TV daily.


  • Radio lacks the glamour of TV and the popularity of the Internet.
  • There are approximately 13,500 radio stations on the air in the US.
  • PR practitioners should study each station’s format and submit suitable material.
  • RNR – Radio News Release
  • ANR – Audio News Release
  • PSA – Public Service Announcement


  • TV is the primary source of news, information, and entertainment for most Americans.
  • There are almost as many TV stations (1,500) in the US as daily newspapers (1,532).
  • VNR – Video News Release
  • SMT – Satellite Media Tour

Personal Appearances and Product Placements:

  • First method – study the station and descriptions of its shows in a broadcast database.
  • Directory listings can tell you program format, types of material used, and the name of the director or producers.
  • Second method – watch the program or feature and study the format.

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