Is There an Age Limit to Facebook?

Like most, I like to cut up with people and post sometimes PG-13 pictures on Facebook. I was always quick to post anything… until… my mom got an account. I love having her on there but I hate monitoring what I post, in fear I will get a text .89 seconds after I post something saying something negative about it. I don’t post anything that I wouldn’t want anyone to see but there are certain “partying pictures” or what-not that only a mother would have something to say about.  

Here are 6 categories your parents may fall under:  

1. The Facebook Stalker – the one who makes an account just to see what you are up to and comments on every single post you make.  

facebook stalking mother

2. Little Ms. “No Comment” – the one that only comments or likes other people’s posts. They never make their own statuses or posts pictures. They literally pay no attention to their own page. (… this is my mom)  

no content 

3. The Empty Fielder – the one that has no clue what the difference between a message, wall post and comment is. They will respond to everything in pretty much any open field. For example, they will respond to a wall post they received, as their status.  

status update not a wall post

4. The Off-Topic Poster – the one who will just start a convo about shopping as a comment about what you did last night.  

off-topic poster


5. The Inadvertent Oversharer – the parent who doesn’t realize that without tampering with security and privacy settings, all activity will be broadcast for all users to see.  

inadvertent oversharer

6. The Sincere Commenter – the one who doesn’t get the joke. Some users enjoy making jokes and posting things of sarcasm just to get attention and comments; parents just don’t understand this. They will post something very kind on a status about something that is intended to be extremely sarcastic.  

sincere commenter

Some parents may fall into every one of these categories and some may be “normal” Facebookers. Whatever you do, make your parents aware of how to avoid these titles.


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