TOW #6: Podcast

Personally, I find podcasts to be distracting. I am a very visual learner and found it difficult to comprehend the point and purpose of Maggie’s speech. I listened to For Immediate Release: Speakers & Speeches: Maggie Fox on Understanding the New Media Landscape and found that while Fox offered some great information, it was hard for me to keep focused on what she was saying due to the fact that I was not able to see her speaking.

She discusses ways in which social technologies are transforming the marketing and communications landscape. She points out that many companies are spending way too much money on creating microsites and provides ways and ideas for creating other channels.

Her main focus was on how to save companies money on online marketing and broadcasting. She gives resources and structure you need to have in place to support this new model.

Podcasting is a method of producing a media file and uploading it to the Internet, providing an opportunity for people to subscribe to and receive them automatically as they are uploaded.

They are great for giving people an online voice, and provide a chance for listeners to tune in whenever is convenient for them. In today’s busy world it is unrealistic to try to plan your schedule around when something will be aired.

The ability to subscribe to podcast also gives the listeners a big advantage. They can automatically receive updates whenever they are created. This provides complete freedom and flexibility which quite possibly can be the biggest advantage to podcasts.

To find out more about podcasts, visit: - Free Articles Directory


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