TOW #7: NewsU – Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling

Steps to Multimedia Reporting:

  • 1 – Choosing a Story
    • Best ones are multi-dimensional
    • Nonlinear
    • “this part” and “that part” not “first part” and “second part”
    • Gather all info before planning
  • 2 – Making a Storyboard
    • A sketch of how you plan to organize a story
    • Parts:
      • Define the elements
        • Avoid linear thinking
      • Identify the media
        • Decide which pieces of the story work best with each medium
      • Storyboard the concept
        • Put it all together
  • 3 – Reporting with Multimedia
    • Pack your bags…. Be prepared for the report
    • Prepare for everything
  • 4 – Editing for the Web
    • Know how to edit your content with each medium such as: Video, Audio, Still Photos, Graphics, and Text
  • 5 – Producing the Story
    • After you complete a few multimedia stories, collaborate your site’s designers to create a handful of story templates.

There were several elements of developing a multimedia story that I learned. I have never really made a storyboard for one of my stories before and now I know how to. I didn’t realize there were so many steps and procedures to get through in order to develop a good story. Like making sketches and finding not only different references for information but also finding different forms of information.

I was surprised to learn that you need to take every precautious measure in order to be extremely, over prepared. Taking tape and rubber bands in case something breaks or falls apart is something that you need to think about. Also the weather and conditions will affect your equipment.

I would have liked to been able to actually make my own storyboard and develop a story that I could have submitted to see how I would do from clues that were given. I enjoyed this exercise and think it will prove to be beneficial to me in the future.


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