Miami and Fort. Lauderdale

Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa

   This is the fantastic hotel Jamie and I stayed in. ★★★★★     

Jamie Sapp and Ashley at Aruba (for dinner)

This was taken at a restuarant/bar/karaoke/beach side hangout. Who can say they were in Fort. Lauderdale and went to Aruba for dinner? (ha) 

After Dinner at Solita

The hotal clerk recommended a wonderful restaurant on Las Olas. When we noticed that they offered an $800 bottle of wine, we thought – ‘eh what the heck, we are on vacation…’ so we drank water instead!

Up, Up and Away... Over Fort. Lauderdale's crystal clear water

We had an absolute blast. We were busy looking for sharks and turtles while in the air, as well as waving to all the swimmers.   


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