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Jumping for Joy in July

The month of July is always a great month for me. My birthday, the Fourth celebrations, summer time, boats, beaches and buddies… Couldn’t get any better.

Though I tend to think I have a birthday ‘month’ and that the fireworks have always been an early kick-off to my birthday on the 7th, most people would disagree with me 🙂 This year will be different. My boyfriend has big plans which will remain a secret until we get in the car for the eight hour drive to our destination.

First, we have plans to go to Clarks Hill for Fourth of July celebrations. We will stay the night then head back home to Savannah. I have never been there before, but my boyfriend, Jamie, has been going to the lake since he was just two months old. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with friends and a wide open lake!

Beachbirthday.jpg Beach Birthday image by carablystone

Our next July adventure will begin on July 8. We will have a birthday dinner the night of my birthday, July 7. All I know about this trip is that we are going to a beach in Florida, it is an eight hour drive, and we are staying in a hotel on the beach. We will be there for three nights and I can hardly wait. I’m not sure if the “not-knowing” is what is making me excited or that someone would plan such a great trip just for me.  I have a few guesses as to where we are going and have done my research through mapquest.com and hotel searches, but don’t want to spoil the surprise so, I.will.wait.

There will be pictures to follow 🙂

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