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TOW #9: My Top 10 PR Blogging Advice

Coming from someone who is a brand new blogger, I found this to be a wonderful opportunity to interact with readers, post helpful tips about social media, and give people a little bit of my personality. There are things and tips I picked up on in the process of blog development that I will continue to use. Here they are:

 1. Stay on Track – Be sure to stay up-to-date on whatever you may be blogging about. Getting behind on current events or topics will cause you to lose potential readers.

2. Link – When blogging, it is important to let your readers know what the source of your information is, if you have one. Be sure to link certain parts of your post in order to guide readers in the direction of more information on what the post is about. This also gives credit where credit is due in order to avoid plagiarism.

3. Mediums – Keep the feel of your posts fun and entertaining. Make your blog pop with pictures, videos and interesting fonts. Visual appeal is crucial. No one wants to look at a textbook blog.

4. Be Creative – Blogs are a way to express creativity, so do it. This will give the readers more drive to visit your blog. Entertain not only with words and creative writing, but also with visuals.

5. Personal Interest Should be Conversational – Create your personal interest blogs as if you were telling a story.  This makes your post seem more personal. It also gives your reader a chance to get to know you better.

6. About Me Page – Use this page as a way to introduce yourself. This allows your readers to know you before they read what you write, giving them a chance to feel more comfortable at your post.

7. Maintain the Focus – If you have a topic theme to your blog, be sure to stay on that focus. Someone searching for blogs about social media do not want to see posts about the latest model BMW that just came out.

8. Use Word – Blogs should be totally error free. Using Microsoft Word to type your text is a great way to eliminate mistakes. Word not only checks spelling, but it also checks for grammatical slip-ups. Once finished in Word copy and paste the text into your blog.

9. Keep Things Uniform – If you capitalize all the letters of some of your posts, capitalize all the titles. Keep things looking as if they all belong to the same blog. It makes it easier for readers to follow your style and also makes things look more organized.

10. Play Around – Most blog sites, such as WordPress, provide the option of changing and customizing your blog. Take advantage of the widgets and themes that are offered and be sure that your blog appeals to YOU as well as others that may be reading.

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Blogging shouldn’t be lonely.


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